Shop and Get Cashbacks with Shopback

Do you do online shopping? You probably do now, right? It is so convenient to buy items online! You can be at home or anywhere else and you can buy an item with the press of a button. With the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, online shopping has become a norm. Businesses who didn't have e-commerce had to adopt in order to reach more of their customers. In fact, the pandemic has driven growth in the e-commerce industry

Personally, I've been enjoying shopping for things online even before the pandemic when most of my friends were still iffy about the idea of buying things online. I would consider myself an early adopter of online shopping. The secret was to find trustworthy online vendors like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada which offer different payment options and have return and exchange policies. 

And because I loved online shopping, I found it very appealing to install an app called, Shopback. 

What is Shopback? 

It's an online site that "helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus cashback!" When you shop online through Shopback, you will receive a portion of the amount you purchased online back as cashback. Learn more about Shopback here

Scam or Legit?

Of course any app that promises I'd earn some cash from using it also makes me wary somewhat.  Was I actually going to get money from it? Well, I tried it because what had I got to lose? I was going to do some online transactions anyway.

After a year and two cashback withdrawals later and I am happy to report that yes, guys! It does work!

How I Used Shopback

This is the mobile app interface. Shopback has a website but I'm always on my phone anyway so I use the mobile app more. Since the lockdowns, I've seen more brands partnered with Shopback. 

Before the lockdown, I used to shop for clothes at Zalora, one of the many brand partners of Shopback. For my online transaction to be credited for some cashback, I simply had to open Shopback app first and from there, click on Zalora. I even used Lazada instead of going to a physical store before to purchase beauty products which I found was cheaper due to their bundled offers. When I had travels whether local or international, I'd book through Booking, Airbnb or Agoda and I would course it through Shopback for cashback. 

I found that some cashbacks took awhile before it got credited to my account like Agoda while some you'll get in a day like Grab (when it was a partner merchant).   

You can see the status of your cashback on the dashboard. As you'll see in the photo above, my available, pending and withdrawn balances are reflected so it's actually easy to keep track.


This was one my total earnings after using Shopback for sometime. You can withdraw your balance once it reaches P200 and you can get it via Paypal or bank deposit. I've been able to withdraw from Shopback multiple times already.  

I love using Shopback because I get some savings from my online shopping. It's extra money I can use for whatever!

Try it out for yourself!  Use my affiliate link to get Php100 cashback bonus for yourself. 


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